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People in household
Total electricity consumed in your entire house kWh

Average consumption:

1 person 1500 kWh

2 person 2500 kWh

3 person 3500 kWh

4 person 4500 kWh

5 person 5000 kWh

Total natural gas

Appartment 900m3

Teracced House 1350m3

Detached House 2200m3


Food and Drinks

How many portions of the following do you eat in an average week?
Beef, lamb and veal (portion ≈ 100g ) portions/week
Pork, chicken and turkey (portion ≈ 100g ) portions/week
Seafood (portion ≈ 100g ) portions/week
Eggs and dairy (portion ≈ 150g )

1 portion = 2 eggs

Starch (bread, cereals, rice, etc.) (portion ≈ 75g )

1 portion = 2 slices of bread

Fruit, vegetables and nuts (portion ≈ 150g ) portions/week
Snacks and drinks (portion ≈ 200g )

Water not included


Goods and Services

How much do you spend on goods each year?

Basic Calculation

Total spend per year €/year
Furniture and appliances €/year

E.g. Telephone, laptop, and other devices

Cars, motorbikes and related parts

E.g. Helmet, spare tires, everything spent on your car or motorbike

Office stationary and books €/year
Clothing and shoes €/year
Personal care and cleaning €/year
Medical €/year
How much do you spend on services each year?
Total spend per year €/year
Hotels €/year
IT and communication

E.g. Telephone contract, internet provider, Netflix

Vehicle services

E.g. Annual check for your car

Personal business & finance

E.g. Any banking related services

Education €/year
Recreation, cultural and sporting activities €/year
Other services €/year



For example:

Amsterdam → London 360 km

Amsterdam → Barcelona 1240 km

Amsterdam → New York 5850 km

Amsterdam → Singapore 10500 km

Total distance flown km/year
Number of regional flights (<700km)
Number of short haul (up to 3700km)
Number of long haul (>3700km)



Distance travelled km/year

A passenger car drives an average of 13.000km a year


Distance travelled km/year

Public Transport


Distance travelled km/year


E.g. Amsterdam → Rotterdam 58 km

Amsterdam → Utrecht 35 km

Utrecht → Den Haag 56 km

Rotterdam → Groningen 202 km

Amsterdam → Breda 88 km

Amsterdam → Parijs 509 km

Distance travelled km/year
Stop train km/year
Intercity km/year
International km/year
Tram and subway km/year

Carbon Footprint

(Tonnes CO2e)

Average European footprint 6.468 TonnesCO2e per capita

Footprint Split












tonne CO2

>100 T otal >100 T ravel >100 Consumption >100 Housing 100 tonne CO2 90 tonne CO2 80 tonne CO2 70 tonne CO2 60 tonne CO2 50 tonne CO2 40 tonne CO2 30 tonne CO2 20 tonne CO2 10 tonne CO2 0 tonne CO2

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Historical Carbon Footprint

Take it a step further and compensate your historical emissions. How many years of historical emissions do you want to compensate?


Yearly compensation
0.00 tonnes CO2e
Historical compensation
0.00 tonnes CO2e
Carbon price (incl. VAT)
0.00 €
Total compensation price
0.00 €
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