"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now"

- Old Chinese proverb


For better business

Sustainability has become the cornerstone of every modern company. We can help you grow into a purposeful company by offsetting your emissions. Join The Green Branch and together we will set out a climate strategy suitable for your business. Read more below or schedule a call directly.

The Green Branch

The Green Branch is your partner in developing your climate strategy. Through landscape restoration and reforestation projects, together, we take the last steps to become a carbon neutral company.

After we determine and verify your emissions, we set up a compensation plan. The carbon is captured in the ecosystems we recover. Use the carbon credits and the impact data to built a purposeful company.

Watch our Explainer Video to see how we work!

The Green Branch Benefits

Partaking in reforestation and landscape restoration pays off in more ways than just offsetting your emissions. The benefits of leading a purposeful business can be felt in every layer of the company.

Make the last steps towards a carbon neutral company
Be a frontrunner in
Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Enjoy better profits  and purpose fulfilment
Reach the responsible customers of the future
Better employee satisfaction and team-building

The Green Branch Impact Dashboard

Gain access to your personal dashboard. Here you will find all the project details and the associated impact you have made. The data is made transparant and has been quantified to fit the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Measurable impact

The Green Branch Impact Dashboard provides all data quantifications and project insights. The dashboard is designed to communicate data to all stakeholders.

Here you will find the amount of carbon captured, trees planted and the area where the ecosystem is growing. Also the SDGs associated with ecological, social and economical values are shown.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are set by the United Nations and represent seventeen global goals we must achieve for a more sustainable world. The Green Branch supports these goals in every project. By restoring ecosystems for local and worldwide benefits, together we can create massive impac

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