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Serra do Sudeste Grouped Project

The Serra do Sudeste Grouped project is a Reforestation and Landscape Restoration project in the region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. We work together with local operational partners and suppliers to successfully implement this impactful project. The project builds a biodiverse forest with more than 25 native tree species combined with trees of commercial value to recover biodiversity and the ecosystem. Simultaneously, carbon is stored on a large scale, and value is created for the environment and the local community.

In the next 3-5 years, this project will be scaled with another 10.000 hectares.


Verra Registry: https://registry.verra.org/app/projectDetail/VCS/3299

448.463 Tonnes


1.142 Hectares


2.000 Local


2.953 Hectares

Total Area

1.070.000 Trees


Project Timeline

1. Development

Oct 2020

2. Funding

Apr 2020

3. Implementation

Oct 2021

4. Validation

Nov 2022


May 2025

6. Project End

Late 2051

Sustainable Development Goals for This Project

Quality Education

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Climate Action

Life on Land

Partnerships for the Goals

Sustainable Development Goals for This Project

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