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Fazenda do Salso

Fazenda do Salso is the first area of the Serra do Sudeste Afforestation and Landscape Restoration project and was developed to address the degradation of ecosystems in Rio Grande do Sul due to deforestation and unsustainable land use. Together with the local community, we co-design and co-implement the afforestation strategy: a combination of biodiverse forestry with agroforestry and native timber management to earn a steady income from the natural sequestration of carbon as well as from sustainable logging.


209.838 Tonnes


394 Hectares


800 Local


1.047 Hectares

Total Area

394.000 Trees


Project Timeline

1. Development

Apr 2020

2. Funding

Oct 2020

3. Implementation

Mar 2021

4. Validation

June 2021


Mar 2024

6. Project End

Late 2051

Sustainable Development Goals for This Project

Quality Education

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Climate Action

Life on Land

Partnerships for the Goals

Sustainable Development Goals for This Project

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