Landscape restoration and reforestation project Serra do Sudeste

The Green Branch is restoring a vast area of degraded land in the South of Brazil. Through Assisted Natural Regeneration, we bring back biodiverse forests on land that is now almost bare. But how do we do it?  Read all the details below!

The area

The Serra do Sudeste is a mountainous region in the Southern most part of Brazil. These hills are the gateway between the Atlantic forest and the Uruguayan Pampas, and they are a home for some marvelous animals and plants! Although these hills were once covered in forest, they’re now primarily used for cattle ranching. But what if we could pay farmers to bring back the forest on their property? Can nature and agriculture work together? Absolutely!

The project

The first farm we’re converting in the Serra do Sudeste is a large cattle ranch. We’re decreasing the area used for cattle to just 65 hectares, creating space for nearly 480 hectares of reforestation to take place. That’s more than 1000 soccer fields!

Working with local stakeholders is key to ensure the long-term prosperity of the projects. We want to think and collaborate with the farmers and truly understand their needs to co-create a sustainable reforestation plan. The farmers will be educated by our team to gain full understanding of the daily maintenance to grow a beautiful forest. We will keep an eye on the project with our satellite monitoring plan and give the farmer a heads up if something needs to be done.

The planting technique we’re deploying, Assisted Natural Regeneration, works like a kick-start for nature. The trees we plant will create opportunities for animals and other plants to colonize the area, bringing back the forest in a natural way. The 143.000 tree seeds and seedlings that we plant are just the start.

Some various native species we’re planting are showcased below. 

The impact

So what’s the result of all this effort? The impact is huge. Creating a habitat for dozens of endangered plants and animals. Providing sustainable income for the farmer. Creating dozens of jobs in the region. Our projects contribute to various UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’re showing the world nature and agriculture can work together!


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