What is a carbon removal project?

In the past, cows made money and trees were just in the way. Trees actually perform a very useful function: they draw down massive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. In fact, wood is about 50% carbon. Allowing trees to grow can therefore have a significant impact on climate change! Farmers are not paid for this vital service (called carbon sequestration), which is why it makes more sense for them to cut down the forests on their property.

Today, The Green Branch is creating a way in which farmers can actually make money by creating new forest. A Carbon Removal Project will restore degraded land into biodiverse forests. These forests remove COfrom the atmosphere. By measuring the amount of carbon these farmers sequester on their farm, we can pay them for their service. Compensate your emissions with us and our forests will absorb this amount of  COfrom the atmosphere!

Removing carbon emissions, increasing biodiversity, and restoring ecosystems. 

Our carbon removal projects make more impact than capturing carbon out of the atmosphere only. With reforestation, degraded land will be restored, as the roots of the plants and trees will improve the soil quality. Rooted soils strengthen water retainment. By bringing back various species of trees, biodiversity and ecosystems will be restored. Life on land and underground will be vivid again! By removing carbon from the air and restoring ecosystems, we protect our Planet Earth for future generations.

Also, local livelihoods will be enhanced. The farmers and landowners will be educated in order to grow and maintain a healthy forest. The carbon removal project give the farmer long-term financial stability.

Our carbon removal projects

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