Our mission

The Green Branch is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature-based solutions to restore our environment, accelerate the journey to achieving net-zero carbon emissions before 2050, and empower businesses to adopt a more purpose-driven approach

What we stand for


Our Vision

Restore and protect nature for a livable future


Our Mission

Closing the financing gap for nature-based climate projects with carbon

Our Goal

Reduce and remove 1 giga ton of CO2 by 2040

The Team

Miriam Bellink

Head of Carbon Development

Jacob Hietink


Hoai Pham

Head of Finance

Thom Beumer

Growth Strategy Lead

Kasper Kupperman


Cristina Marini

ESG and NBS analyst

Rein Vehmeijer

Advisory Board

Reinier Hietink

Advisory Board

Jairo Okret

Advisory Board

Teun Burghout

Sustainability Expert

Joep Zuidervaart

Sustainability Expert

Julia Nardy

Technical Research Assistant