Nature-Based Solutions

Restoring ecosystems world-wide

Developing Nature-Based Solutions projects and closing the financing gap for nature

The Green Branch is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature-based solutions to restore our environment, accelerate the journey to achieving net-zero carbon emissions before 2050, and empower businesses to adopt a more purpose-driven approach

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How we fill the investment gap in nature


Support with your carbon project development

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Climate Solutions

From corporate ambition to climate action

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Invest directly in early-stage projects

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Trusting on 5+ years of development experience

Drawing on our expertise in project development, we evaluate projects from multiple perspectives, leveraging market infrastructure ratings to identify the most promising opportunities. Our assessment involves an internal due diligence process, complemented by evaluations from third-party rating agencies.

Building on state-of-the-art technology

We integrate technology into every facet of our operations, from feasibility studies to ongoing monitoring and reporting. We collaborate with key players in the industry to ensure cutting-edge solutions throughout our processes.

Driven by impact, supported by return.

From the sustainability page on your website all the way to complying with VCMI. Our experts help you to communicate your impact without

Working with and building on the best standards out there

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