The Green Branch acquires, develops, certifies, and manages reforestation and land restoration projects on degraded areas. Our forestry carbon projects are designed to create environmental and economic resilience. Check out our current projects below.

893.974 Tonnes


1.536 Hectares

Land Restored

2.800 Days

Workdays Created

Our Current Projects


Fazenda Titton

209.838 TonnesCO2
394 HectaresReforested
394.000 TreesGrowing


Fazenda Silêncio

684.136 TonnesCO2
1.142 HectaresReforested
1.070.000 TreesGrowing

Coming Soon

We are constantly developing new reforestation projects to achieve our goal of reforesting 4 million hectares by 2040. Stay up-to-date and sign up for the newsletter!