The Green Branch initiates, develops, certifies, and manages high quality nature-based solution projects. Our forestry carbon projects create environmental and economic resilience.

Along with our own developed projects, we support a number of diverse high quality certified carbon projects around the world to serve every company willing to give back to nature, of all sizes and of all carbon footprints.

Check out our current projects below.

658.301 Tonnes


1.536 Hectares

Land Restored

1.464.000 Trees


Our Current Projects


Fazenda do Salso

209.838 TonnesCO2
394 HectaresPlanted
800 LocalWorkdays


Serra do Sudeste Grouped Project

448.463 TonnesCO2
1.142 HectaresPlanted
2.000 LocalWorkdays

Coming Soon

We are constantly developing new reforestation projects to achieve our goal of reforesting 4 million hectares by 2040. Stay up-to-date and sign up for the newsletter!